Music for Hatha Yoga Classes

Music is a powerful tool to relax us. Often the music we hear in yoga classes, if played in another environment, can help us recapture a sense of calm and relaxation. Here are the details of the music in class, which should all be on itunes.

The song I quite often play at the end of classes with the voice that has a bell like quality is:


  • Long Time Sun’ by Snatum Kaur, The album is called Grace
  • The other song by her that is lovely is from an album called Anand Bliss and the track is ‘Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam’.
  • Other music I regularly play during the class is by an artist called Deva Premal, both albums Embrace and Dakshina are fabulous.
  • Album: Mother Divine; 108 Sacred Names by  Craig Pruess and Ananda (Sounds like many overlapping voices chanting)
  • Album: Namaskaram Music for yoga compiled by Claire Missingham 
  • Album: The Best of Wah (by the artist Wah).