Music for Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Music is a powerful tool to relax us. Often the music we hear in yoga classes, if played in another environment, can help us recapture a sense of calm and relaxation. Here are the details of the music I used in prenatal classes. All songs should be downloadable on iTunes.

The song I quite often play at the end of classes with the voice that has a bell like quality is:

  • Long Time Sun’ by Snatum Kaur, which features on the album Grace
  • Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam’ by Snatum Kaur, taken from the album titled Anand Bliss .


Other music I regularly play during the class:

  • Deva Premal, both albums (Embrace and Dakshina) are fabulous. 
  • Album: Mother Divine; 108 Sacred Names, by Craig Pruess and Ananda
  • Album: The Best of Wah (by the artist Wah)
  • Album: Namaskaram, Music for Yoga, compiled by Claire Missingham
  • New Born Child’ (featuring Sinéad O'Connor) is from the soundtrack to the film Le Premier Cri, soundtrack by Armand Amar. This is an amazing film, showing how women give birth around the world (best to watch after you have given birth) 
  • The Natal Hypnotherapy CDs I would recommend are from by Maggie Howell. Pregnancy Relaxation and Birth Preparation CDs are both good.