On this page you will find testimonials from some of Diane's students both past and present.

I have attended Diane’s restorative yoga at The Putney Clinic as the class was recommended to me. On the evening of the class, I'd had a non stop busy day. I was feeling exhausted with a sore throat and was anxious about a 5.30 am start the next day with another busy day ahead. I am so glad that I forced myself to get myself to Putney for this class.

It was my first experience of restorative yoga where Diane helps you to put yourself into different body postures with full body support. Lights are dimmed and there are plenty of blocks, bolsters, blankets to facilitate a deep relaxation. It took me a while to relax, forget about my day and quieten my mind, but once I did it felt like a warm, safe and supportive place to be. That night I slept so well and felt amazing the following morning. Diane is highly skilled at teaching you to take some time to slow down in this truly special experience for your brain and nervous system. I aim to do this class every month to stay connected to this beautiful practice.

Ellen Ernstzen (Physiotherapst), Sheen
Your pregnancy classes and particularly your Birth Preparation course made my second birth, like my first, a very happy experience again and I couldn't be happier right now! I went to 41 weeks and 5 days, so was induced. I had to stay in the hospital and it was a waiting game on the ward. I listened to your yoga music and did my best to relax and do my yoga moves beside the hospital bed.

They gave me the second stage of induction (gel) and that worked a treat. I started to get contractions, they examined me and confirmed I was 3cm. I kept visualising the graph you went through with us and practised golden thread breath when the contractions came. My body suddenly went into overdrive, I went from 3cm to 10cms in 10 minutes and the contractions were so fast and intense that without the breathing techniques you taught us, I would never have coped. In hindsight, I also remember slightly negative thoughts about not being able to do it. Looking back, this must be the self doubt section you spoke about!

Anyway, my waters then broke and then within 20 minutes our baby daughter was here. The labour was 1hr 15 minutes and it was so intense. There was no time for any form of drug to assist, but the breathing and continuous slow hip movements were a life saver. The midwives asked me if I did yoga as I was controlling the whole process with the breathing, and I have you to thank for that. You got me through it again! I can't thank you enough.

Laura, Putney
Diane had mentioned restorative yoga to me in the past and when I found myself going through IVF was keen to see what it was all about. I have found Diane's class the most amazing experience. I find myself in such a deeply relaxed state feeling I can cope with anything! I also get a real sense of my body becoming more balanced. Diane is also the most giving and lovely teacher. I am a physiotherapist and treat many clients who struggle with their specific problems. Through first experience I have recommended Diane's class to clients. They love her class and feel they are able to get going with life again.

Sophie, Barnes
On the Yoga Mama pregnancy yoga course, Diane emphasised how important it is to take care of ourselves as yoga teachers and prioritise our own rest and relaxation. I have always been the sort of person that needs to be doing something ‘productive’ - it was a steep learning curve for me that resting in the way that Diane teaches, is one of the most productive ways to use your time - learning to truely looking after yourself. Although I sleep well I always feel tired, but I came away from the restorative class feeling deeply rested and gained an energy that I didn’t know was possible. Thank you Diane for teaching me how to look after myself, I can’t think of a more valuable lesson.

Laura, Putney
I have attended Diane's pregnancy yoga classes since about 14 weeks of pregnancy. I attended not knowing a lot about pregnancy yoga, but I wanted to find a way to strengthen my body physically and switch off mentally. After every session it felt like 10 years of stress and overthinking was released, no matter what type of day I had had. It felt like a complete treat being able to attend.

Diane has a way of making every woman feel special and nurtured for that hour class and that feeling would continue with me when I left the class. I believe it has helped me to strike a balance in my pregnancy and enabled me to feel excited about my baby's birth and life as new mother.

Thank you again for your advice, honesty and time. You are never prescriptive in you advice and I really appreciate your little life lessons :).

Flora, Midwife at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
This course helped me to feel mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for birth. Diane offers a lovely blend of providing information, giving us yoga and breathing activity and helping us form a positive, empowered mindset towards the birth experience. Highly recommended!!

Deborah, Putney
I had never done yoga before but when I became pregnant I wanted to find a way to relax so I decided to give it a try. I have a stressful job as an anaesthetist (specifically pain management and obstetric anaesthesia), and I didn't want this to have a negative impact on my pregnancy or indeed my baby's health. Diane's classes are fantastic! The balance of exercises and relaxation is perfect, and at the start of the class Diane does a quick chat covering different topics to do with birth preparation. These were extremely useful and complemented the rest of the class. I had an extremely relaxed pregnancy and by the end of the course I felt well prepared for my birth. As an unexpected bonus I was also able to use some of my newly acquired techniques to help both myself and my patients at work - thank you Diane!!

Yvette, Wimbledon
Having enjoyed Diane’s fantastic antenatal yoga classes throughout my first pregnancy I was keen to do her birth preparation course in the lead up to the “big day”. I was relatively new to yoga and certainly did not consider myself somebody who would draw on it on help me get through birth, but I figured anything was worth a shot. How naïve I was - Diane’s classes (yoga and birth prep) could not have prepared me better for what was to come. I can wholeheartedly say that the skills she taught me are what encouraged me to have, and absolutely helped me through, a natural labour; she gives you the tools to stay calm, use your breath and remain focused.

I enjoyed her classes so much that I returned for my second pregnancy and I pleaded with her to run the birth preparation course again, which was just as enjoyable second time round.

I cannot recommend her classes highly enough – they are relaxing, educational and above all great fun. A “must do” for expectant mums first, second and even third time round!

Louise, Putney
Diane introduced me to Restorative Yoga and I couldn't be more grateful. I experienced an incredibly profound level of relaxation and connection that reverberated throughout my week. With each class I feel like I'm training my body to release in ways I never knew it could. Diane's teaching style is full of easy warmth and light-hearted grace. I'm looking forward to much more!

Sirena, Putney
I have known Diane as a yoga teacher for five years. Her unique style of yoga helped to re-tone and strengthen my body and mind after a tragedy in my life. She is constantly bringing new yoga material to her repertoire by attending innovative seminars herself and is wise beyond her years. Her style of yoga is gentle and dynamic and honed to individual requirements.

J.D., Barnes
I started doing restorative yoga with Diane about a year ago and I can't recommend her classes more highly. In a calm, comforting, candelit room, Diane expertly eases me into postures that allow me to relax deeply. As I lie there, cocooned in blankets, supported by bolsters and blocks, carefully placed around me to ensure maximum comfort by Diane (who has a rare intuition for homing in on each person's physical needs), not only does my mind still, but tension drains from my body and the aches and pains in my lower back are magically eased. From the moment Diane says "we are going to let go of time for the next hour", that is exactly what happens. This is slow, quiet work, but under her gentle, humorous guidance the effects are profound.

Cheryl, London
Diane's pregnancy yoga classes are brilliant, they make you feel like you are still fit throughout pregnancy but also relaxed and ready for childbirth. The breathing and relaxation techniques really helped me get through my first birth and I feel the active yoga part of the class helped me to get back into shape once I had my baby. The classes also helped me to relax and sleep well throughout my pregnancy and they eased any aches and pains. I also made some great friends for life in the class who helped me through my maternity leave. After having my son I was keen to find something I could do to look after myself and replenish my body after giving birth, so I went to Diane's Restorative yoga classes . They offer a series of deep relaxation poses that really help to make you feel calm and spacious. I feel like they really helped me through that first year after having my baby and now I am pregnant again and have returned to Diane’s pregnancy classes to give myself time to myself and connect with my second baby.

Jo, Putney
I love Diane’s classes because they bring me to a place of deep rest and peace. As a yoga teacher I hardly attend other classes, but this is my absolute go to! She holds the space so well and I feel safe and authentic to let go and relax further than I would do sometimes on my own.

Sasha (Yoga Teacher), London
My Husband and I have been having IVF over the past 18 months. I have a busy and stressful job as a GP anyway and have been very aware that I needed to find alternative ways to manage my stress generally, and especially while having the IVF cycles. I had attended Diane's Restorative Yoga classes, which I had found helpful and had the opportunity to have 6 1:1 sessions with Diane over the last transfer cycle.

Diane was really supportive and accommodating allowing me to express my emotions in whatever form they came. What I found most helpful was having a space in which I could just be, in the middle of all the thoughts and feelings swirling around inside.  A place of quiet and rest. Being able to do this regularly through the process (especially during the waiting weeks) was so calming and helped me to cope.

Toni GP, Putney
After a C-section for the first time round, I managed to give birth completely naturally no pain relief and in about 4.5 hrs! Breathing really got me through it, although pretty intense at times. Thanks so much for all your support and birth prep – I know your techniques definitely helped, spelling out baby name, rocking, golden thread breath etc, so pleased I managed to do it as I had hoped.

Caroline, Putney
Diane’s restorative yoga classes have opened my eyes to a world of deep and mindful relaxation. They provide a time and space for emotional release giving me the mental fuel and balance to care for myself and my four young children. Diane’s intuitive and honest teaching style (always with a touch of humour) offers the best possible opportunity to get the most out of each session for my needs. I’ve been amazed at how powerful the poses are without causing any stress on my body and the quality of sleep following a class is like pure liquid gold!

Katie Durling, Sheen