Fertility yoga


What is fertility yoga?


Fertility yoga is based on gentle flowing hatha yoga movements. These encourage blood flow to the hips and increased circulation and connection to the pelvic area, abdomen and heart. In combination with breath connection, this helps release tension in the mind and body. These gentle flowing movements provide a gateway to restorative yoga. The body is propped in positions of physical ease to support deep relaxation and energetic, emotional and mental balance. Diane also offers specific guidelines on an appropriate practice to accompany an IVF cycle at all its different stages.


How fertility yoga differs from other forms of yoga

The focus in fertility yoga is offering a safe space where gentle movement, restorative postures and breath connection help elicit the relaxation response. This, in turn, helps release held patterns of tension in the mind and body. It also increases a sense of trust and well-being in the body. This is important during a time of stress in which individuals often feel let down by their bodies.


The benefits of fertility yoga

Diane makes no claims that fertility yoga guarantees that a couple will fall pregnant. She believes that it is a way of practising yoga that fosters a nurturing sense of self-care.  This may help soothe the surges in the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, which inhibit our health hormones and fertility. The aim is to help individuals re-connect to themselves and re-discover an inner vitality and strength. Learning these skills will support them whatever their path of fertility unfolds.


The optimum way to do fertility yoga sessions

From experience, Diane has found that an initial one to one session is really beneficial as individual needs, fertility treatment timings and life commitments can be accommodated. During an initial one to one, Diane will offer a number of postures that individuals are safe to do in their own time. Often clients decide to continue with a course of one to one sessions, especially during an IVF cycle. Another option after an initial one to one could be that individuals may wish to attend the restorative yoga group classes and keep Diane informed of exactly where they are in their treatment, so postures can be tailored within a group setting.

One hour sessions costs £65. For more information, you can contact Diane on info@djyoga.co.uk.


Fertility Yoga Teacher Training

In addition to offering fertility yoga to individuals and couples, Diane also trains qualified yoga teachers in this field. Alongside Cherie Lathey (Director of Yoga Mama) and Mr Kamal Ojha (Fertility Doctor), she is a teacher on the Yoga Mama Fertility Yoga Teacher Training programme.  Mr Ojha, Consultant Gynaecologist and Medical Director of Concept Fertility, encourages his patients to attend fertility yoga sessions. He believes that the physical and stress relieving benefits of fertility yoga support the potential success rate of the fertility treatment he offers.



My Husband and I have been having IVF over the past 18 months. I have a busy and stressful job as a GP anyway and have been very aware that I needed to find alternative ways to manage my stress generally, and especially while having the IVF cycles. I had attended Diane's Restorative Yoga classes, which I had found helpful and had the opportunity to have 6 1:1 sessions with Diane over the last transfer cycle.

Toni GP, Putney

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