Hatha yoga


Hatha yoga is a broad term for the classical yoga practice which combines yoga asanas (postures) with breath awareness and relaxation. Yoga asanas are often what are most commonly associated with yoga in the west and we can often bring our western sense of goals and aspiration of success to yoga. In her classes, Diane moves away from yoga being taught as merely a series of exercises and encourages her students to experience the practice as a means of harmonising mind, body and spirit and a great tool for transformation.


Chitti-vritti is defined as fluctuations of the mind and we all know how it feels to be very much ‘in our head’ dominated by a non-stop chain of thoughts that can often cause us anxiety. Most of our worries are not related to the present moment, but are hypothetical future anxieties that in our heads become a reality. Yoga helps us go inside of ourselves and connect with our true nature which we may have become disconnected to, through the whirlwind of life and its demands on us and more notably the pressure we put on ourselves.


It is very difficult to clear our minds totally and that is not the aim, but through practising yoga mindfully, we can move more into a mode of observing our thought patterns and in time may come to realise that we repeat the same patterns again and again and through the process of yoga find the inner strength we need to change negative patterns and emotional and physical holdings. The mind and the breath are interrelated; an alteration in one affects the other. By nature, the breath is more constant and can be an anchor for the mind fluctuations.


Diane shares breathing techniques through her classes that students can access easily and draw on in day to day life. Diane is honest about physical injuries, stress or conditions that she experiences and shares tips that help her. She wants people to feel that they come away from her classes with their own ‘tool box’ of techniques they can dip into, so that they feel empowered to take care of themselves, which benefits not just them, but the people in their lives.


One of the most common mental blocks for beginners is that they think they are not flexible enough to do yoga, Diane welcomes all ages and all perceived levels of flexibility, offering adjustments and modifications so that students can feel the benefit of the practice regardless of any held beliefs they have about the practice or themselves.


You may come to yoga for any number of reasons: recovering from an injury, time for yourself, a desire to manage the stress in your life better. What you may find is that if you are open to the benefits of yoga, what you get from it may far exceed your initial reason for coming.



I have known Diane as a yoga teacher for five years. Her unique style of yoga helped to re-tone and strengthen my body and mind after a tragedy in my life. She is constantly bringing new yoga material to her repertoire by attending innovative seminars herself and is wise beyond her years. Her style of yoga is gentle and dynamic and honed to individual requirements.

J.D., Barnes

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