Restorative yoga


Restorative yoga uses props (bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, eye bags) to support the body in positions of ease, creating comfort and minimising muscular tension, which in turn helps to relax the nervous system, rest the adrenal glands, fostering a deep sense of physical and mental well-being.


To an observer, it may seem that a student in a fully supported restorative yoga pose, which can be held anywhere between a few and twenty minutes, is doing nothing, but it is precisely in this letting go of ‘doing’, endless list making and rigid expectations of ourselves, others and life, that we can experience a deeper connection to an inner strength and a sense that we can handle what life is offering us with a lighter touch.


This class is suitable for all levels of experience and flexibility. It is also suitable for people returning to yoga practice after a spell away, or anyone working with injuries or health conditions. It can be particularly good for softening the often stressful mental commentary that runs alongside chronic physical pain and health conditions.


Class numbers are restricted so that students feel they have all the space and time they need to fully benefit from the practice. Diane hopes to offer a space of comfort, compassion and community.



Due to social distancing regulations regarding the shared use of props and blankets, Diane will be running her Restorative Yoga classes at Yoga Mama Wellness online. If you do not have blocks or bolsters, home-spun alternatives such as pillows and cushions should suffice.



Diane runs once-monthly Restorative Yoga workshops at Yoga Mama Wellness. Use the interactive booking system below to find forthcoming workshops. You can also book your place in a few easy steps.



I have attended Diane’s restorative yoga at The Putney Clinic as the class was recommended to me. On the evening of the class, I'd had a non stop busy day. I was feeling exhausted with a sore throat and was anxious about a 5.30 am start the next day with another busy day ahead. I am so glad that I forced myself to get myself to Putney for this class.

It was my first experience of restorative yoga where Diane helps you to put yourself into different body postures with full body support. Lights are dimmed and there are plenty of blocks, bolsters, blankets to facilitate a deep relaxation. It took me a while to relax, forget about my day and quieten my mind, but once I did it felt like a warm, safe and supportive place to be. That night I slept so well and felt amazing the following morning. Diane is highly skilled at teaching you to take some time to slow down in this truly special experience for your brain and nervous system. I aim to do this class every month to stay connected to this beautiful practice.

Ellen Ernstzen, Sheen

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