Breathing and Birth Preparation Yoga


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This birth preparation yoga workshop is led by pregnancy yoga teacher Diane King. The workshop has been designed for women who are in the final stages of pregnancy (from week 32 onwards). This is a time when mums to be most need to quieten the mind, let go of time pressures and constant doing.


What we will cover

The breathing and birth preparation workshop lasts 2 hours. We will cover the following topics:

  • Natural Physiology of birth
  • Yoga movement & birth positions
  • Breathing practices
  • Restorative relaxation

Cost and bookings

This Breathing and Birth Preparation workshop costs £40. To register your interest, send an email to


1:1 Yoga for Birth Preparation Sessions

If you are unable to make a group class, or would prefer to organise a private Birth preparation session for yourself and your birth partner, Diane can offer a condensed 90 minute session and cost £80. The session would incorporate the following topics with handouts, combined with yoga postures that may be helpful during labour.

  • The natural physiology of birth – What to expect at different stages of the labour process
  • Using breath as your anchor in labour – Detailed breath techniques for the different stages of labour
  • Managing fear – Trusting your body and nurturing a sense of empowerment
  • Creating a positive intention and guided relaxation – Letting go of the intellect and connecting with intuition and instincts.

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This course helped me to feel mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for birth. Diane offers a lovely blend of providing information, giving us yoga and breathing activity and helping us form a positive, empowered mindset towards the birth experience. Highly recommended!!

Deborah, Putney

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